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Cal Mag Citrate

Cal Mag Citrate


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Cal-Mag Citrate Powder 8 oz

Cal Mag is something that young people in particular need. Women are more prone to osteoporosis in later life than men for various reasons, including lack of testosterone, muscle building activity etc. Up until about age 35, women store calcium in their bone bank. After the age, the bones "close up shop" and that calcium that one has stored is what we have to work with for the rest of our lives. So it's critical to load up prior to reaching our mid thirties. This is a nice effervescent formula that is easy to take at bedtime. It has the added benefit of being a bowel regulator. For this reason, it may or may not be recommended to older women for bone density issues, depending on their GI status.

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ThorneåÊis a 'pharmaceutical grade' brand that submits to a high level of third party testing for contaminants, source, quality testing and efficacy. They do not authorize re sale of their products to non-physician sites like vitacost, pure formulas, vitamin shoppe and amazon. If you purchase from these sites, you may save anywhere from $1-10 on shipping costs, but you will be exposing yourself to a product that is likely ineffective. It'såÊNOTåÊworth the risk. If you are going to take supplements, it's critical that they are safe, that we can control for source and dose, and that they work. If you have questions about whether this brand sells to the discount broker you are trying to purchase from, please contact the company directly. Let them know you are our patient and your goals and they will ensure your safety. We work hard to keep your cost as low as possible. Do not hesitate to give us feedback on how we can improve this process.åÊ

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Contraindications:åÊcan be extensive, please talk with your doctor.åÊ

EXCLUDES:åÊCoatings, Binders, *Gluten (wheat, rye, barley), *Milk/Dairy (casein, whey), *Soy Protein, *Egg Protein, Sugar. Food Coloring or Artificial Flavoring or Colors *Verified by Independent Testing